Are you paying writers for their work? I thought this whole thing was about imagining a better university, so it feels pretty bad to do more uncompensated labor...

It’s really important to me to disrupt the norm of uncompensated writing in academic spaces. Right now, I’m looking into potential funding sources. Watch this space for more updates!

But my advisor / my peers / The Professor is In said not to submit to edited collections because they don’t count for tenure and promotion!

It’s true, it is extremely unlikely that your submission to a collection called “alternate university” that calls itself “fanfiction” will count for tenure and promotion. (Suggestion: jot down your own ideal tenure and promotion guidelines, and submit them to AU!)

Do you accept co-authored / multi-authored submissions?


I’ve dropped out of / am on hiatus from / have never been to college or graduate school, can I submit?


I don’t have a resume or a CV. What do I do?

Send me a short paragraph about who you are and we’ll figure it out from there.

I have an idea for a submission, maybe? But maybe it’s bad? Can I ask you a few questions before I submit?

For sure. Send me an email at AUalternateuniversity [at] gmail [dot] com. Please allow me a week or so to get back to you, though! I’m one human with a 9-5 job.